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Big Bird, star of Sesame Street, turns 40 years Old!

By: 5 November 2009 No Comment

Big Bird, star of Sesame Street, turned 40 and celebrated his birthday today along with the 40th anniversary of the program Sesame Street. He’s aged well and looks just like as he did when he was just starting out. What Star Power he must have. And even though he’s a Big Bird, he’s cute in my book.

Big Bird has become an icon that is instantly recognized everywhere by children and grownups alike. Jim Henson is the mastermind of Sesame Street and the muppets and should be proud knowing he has helped so many children learn so much over the years. Michelle Obama is a big fan of Sesame Street and considers her visit to the show, to talk about nutrition, one of the most important things she has done as the First Lady. Google even got into the celebration and honored Big bird by using the bird’s legs on the Google Logo. And not only that, but Cookie Monster has had a go at eating up their logo today as well. Sesame Street is by far the longest running children show ever produced. It is the one thing that grandparents, parents and children can all relate to as each of them have grown up watching the same show. A Big Happy Birthday to the Big Bird and Happy Anniversary to Sesame Street!