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Hello Kitty, the Cute Girl’s Status Symbol

By: 7 November 2009 No Comment

Hello Kitty, the leader of Japanese Kawaii (Cute) culture, became 35 years old this year and is celebrating her anniversary in style. Sanrio Company created her just that long ago.

She once was only for little girls, but a popular Japanese singer said that she loved Hello Kitty’s goods, and then the lid was off and she spread to broader generations. Kitty’s simple face and pink color make for great accents in girls’ chic fashions everywhere. And her style is for the celebrity as well. Lots of celebrities have Hello Kitty wares adorning them around town, but perhaps not so much on the red carpet. But, we hope that this is proven wrong and we see some Hello Kitty at the Oscars this year!

You will see Hello Kitty goods like pens and straps for cell phones at souvenir shops in every prefecture you go in Japan. And in America there are whole sections of stores devoted to the character. Hello Kitty has many friends in her entourage, too. Tippy, Tim and Tammy, Jodie, Cathy, and many more to just name a few.

By the way, do you know why Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth? The reason is because it makes her face not specify her facial expression and so she shares the same feelings with you all the time. So you always have an understanding friend that can keep you company no matter what your mood. Mona Lisa can eat her heart out.

Go get something cute by looking around this website and especially under our Hello Kitty section. Have fun and stay Happy!

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary site.