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Worry-Woolie Notebook Yellow

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Worry-Woolie Notebook Yellow

Allow me to introduce you to my Worry-Woolie™! This cuddly pocket-sized protector is the perfect companion to share your daily worries and woes.

Small enough to accompany you anywhere, this miniature monster will do your worrying for you. Just log your frets and cares on his understanding pages, and he will grant you comfort and peace of mind as you wander through the world.

“The Rime of the Worry-Woolie”

I’m a Worry-Woolie
Friendly, furry, and alive;
Lend me your worries, frets, and cares
I need them to survive.

If you have doubts you need to share
I’m perfect, can’t you see?
What you have is what I need,
We’re complimentary.

Let me share your worries
Let our friendship be unfurled
And I’ll be your companion
As you wander through the world.

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