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Taiyaki Japanese Fish-Shaped Hot Cake Maker

By: 19 April 2012 One Comment

Taiyaki Japanese Fish-Shaped Hot Cake Maker

Taiyaki are tasty little fish-shaped cakes with red beans in the center. That doesn’t sound that good, but Japanese red beans – anko, or adzuki – are sweet and quite suitable for snacks and desserts. Taiyaki are easy to make, which is good considering that the packaging and documentation for this cooker is all in Japanese.

A regular stove top will do the job. Always heat up the maker first for a few minutes and spray with some PAM or spread a bit of butter inside – it prevents stickniess. Turn down the temperature to medium and pour some thin batter to coat the fish maker pan (one side only). Do not over fill. Put your fillings carefully into the center of the fish – they will sink into the batter or you can use a small spoon to help them sink. Pour in more batter to cover the fillings. Close it tight and turn it around to warm the other side. Monitor the temperature as it burns easily.

After 2-3 minutes – voila – here comes 2 lovely fish with yummy fillings splashing onto your table. I make them on the weekends and my friends just love them. They are more popular than the English tea that I usually prepare.

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